About me

I am a Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer engaged in software development of Embedded systems. I was a free lancer engaged in developing embedded systems in consumer electronics, industrial electronics, power electronics. I also worked on development of a software product based on C# & .NET framework used for a hospital. I also developed web application, Android application like Uber for a travel agency.

I am good at Embedded systems debugging, PCB design,code debugging, C, Python, C#, JAVA, Linux systems, etc. Currently I am working in a Automotive product based company, here we develop ECUs based on AUTOSAR. 

Why I started this website?

When I started learning AUTOSAR, I was struggling to find a nice resource to learn AUTOSAR from basics. Yes there are documents on AUTOSAR official website which helps to understand AUTOSAR concepts, but AUTOSAR is ocean and its very hard to search the desired document from such big reservoir of information. 

So, being in same shoes as you I decided to start a blog to share whatever knowledge I get from my projects (which will act as practical knowledge) as well as learning through documents (which will act as theory). With the grace of God and well wishers like you soon I migrated from a basic blog to this full fledged website.

Being a single contributor its very hard to extract necessary information from AUTOSAR specification documents (which is very big) and present it in simpler language to you, but I am trying my best. Soon I will start a step by step course which will help learners more instead of keeping this website just a informative website.

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Why Ads?

Maintaining this website and my time has some cost involved… so ads help me in earning some money! I will soon give a option to have ad free experience but in that case there would be some small subscription fees. I will post this info on our facebook page once I bring this option!

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If you want to give a general feedback/suggestion/want to report mistakes (I will highly appreciate) or just want to say Thank you 🙂 or want to chat or need any help please use below form to message me, I will get in touch with you.